EarthShift Global is a leader in LCA and sustainability consulting, software, and training. We empower organizations to confidently make impactful, fact-based decisions that profitably shift their organizational and sustainability performance.

When you work with EarthShift Global, you get direct access to distinguished sustainability consulting experts who’ve won praise (and repeat business) from hundreds of clients including HP, GE, Dow, YFYJupiter, Cotton Incorporated., Navitas Semiconductor, and the FDA.

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LTS works with organizations to integrate life cycle sustainability practices into their business conduct. Whether it’s a broad spectrum approach or a focused effort geared towards product design, employee engagement and collaboration, supply chain management, brand enhancement or beyond, LTS works closely with our clients and adapts our sustainability solutions to meet each one’s individualized challenges and ambitions. Learn more at

At PRé, we help companies turn sustainability strategy into action, through our fact-based consulting services, training and software solutions based on life cycle thinking. Organizations reach out to us to measure, improve and communicate their sustainability performance. We also help them develop effective strategies and integrate sustainability in the supply chain, product development or organization. Our software solutions are supported by a team of professional consultants, who can also provide guidance through standard or tailored training sessions. Learn more at

The SimaPro Global Partner Network has partners from over 25 countries, ready to provide the right expertise and the power to carry large international or multi-client projects. LTS is the proud North American SimaPro Partner, providing sales, support and training to the US and Canada. Learn more at

Sphera is the leading provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services focusing on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management (ORM), Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM).

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WAP Sustainability provides clients with the information and tools they need to create credible, measurable, and attainable sustainability programs. Our services are driven by sound scientific data and an in-depth understanding of each client’s core business. With deep rooted experience in carbon accounting, life cycle assessment and standards development, WAP is globally recognized as a technical sustainability expert in many industries. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, WAP Sustainability has been helping a global roster of publicly traded, consumer product and building product companies as a sustainability resource for over 15 years. Learn more at

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EcoEngineers is a consulting, auditing, and advisory firm with an exclusive focus on the energy transition. From innovation to impact, we help clients navigate the disruption caused by carbon emissions and climate change.

We help clients stay informed, measure emissions, make investment decisions, maintain compliance, and manage data through the lens of carbon accounting. Our team of engineers, scientists, auditors, consultants, and researchers live and work at the intersection of low-carbon fuel policy, innovative technologies, and the carbon marketplace.
Eco was established in 2009 to steer low-carbon fuel producers through the complexities of emerging energy regulations in the United States. Today, our global team is shaping the response to climate change by advising businesses across the energy transition.

Together, we can create a world where clean energy fuels a healthy planet.
Our services include:
• EcoConsulting:
- Life-Cycle Analysis
- Regulatory Policy
- Asset Development
- Compliance Management
• EcoAuditing:
- Validation & Verification
- Quality Assurance Programs
- Third-Party Engineering Reviews
• EcoUniversity:
- Training and Education
- Interactive Workshops
- Market Outlooks
- Carbon Literacy

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Geosyntec is a consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. 
With a combined staff exceeding 2,000 engineers, scientists, and related technical and project support personnel, we serve our clients from more than 100 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

Since our founding in 1983, we have built top-tier practices to meet our clients' needs in the following practices:
• Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup 
• Civil Site Engineering and Design 
• Environmental Planning and Management 
• Transactional Due Diligence and Consultation 
• Water and Natural Resources 
• Geotechnical and Geological Analysis, Modeling, and Engineering 
• Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control 
• Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance

We are internationally known for being technical leaders with broad and deep experience, as well as for our close and responsive working relationships with our clients. In each of our practices, we work to develop best-in-class capabilities and communicate our skills to our clients.

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SCS Global Services is a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability verification, certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for nearly forty years. Its programs span a cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in climate mitigation, green building, product manufacturing, food and agriculture, forestry, consumer products, and more. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, SCS has representatives and affiliate offices throughout the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and Africa. Its broad network of auditors are experts in their fields, and the company is a trusted partner to companies, agencies, and advocacy organizations due to its dedication to quality and professionalism. SCS is a chartered Benefit Corporation, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

SCS has been completing LCAs for over 30 years for many major industries, using a variety of recognized methodologies. Our experienced team has a diverse technical background that utilizes the latest software and databases in our work to ensure that the LCAs are complete, accurate, and cost-effective. Our expertise also includes standards development, participating in the development of ISO LCA standards, as well as having chaired multiple Product Category Rule development committees. On the ISO Technical Committee 207, SCS is the formally recognized LCA Expert representing the United States.

By leading the field in LCA, we put critical information into the hands of our clients, so that institutions can make better decisions to improve bottom line performance.
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WSP USA is the U.S. operating company of WSP, one of the world's leading engineering, environment and professional services firms. Recognized on Fast Company's Brands That Matter List for 2022 as a top Community-Minded Business, WSP USA brings together engineers, planners, technical experts, strategic advisors and construction management professionals who are dedicated to collaborate in the best interests of serving local communities. WSP USA designs lasting solutions in the buildings, transportation, energy, water and environment markets. With more than 15,500 employees in 300 offices across the U.S., WSP partners with its clients to help communities prosper.

Our multidisciplinary Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change (SECC) team helps clients navigate a complex sustainability and energy landscape and unlock opportunities to reduce cost, create brand value and mitigate risk across the value chain, ultimately building more resilient organizations that can thrive in a changing global market. With increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, sea-level rise, and more frequent and intense severe weather events, organizations are bracing for change. Managing for these risks has become more prevalent, with increased emphasis on energy efficiency, conservation of water resources, consideration of sustainable products and disclosure of organizational sustainability performance.

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Argonne National Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where talented researchers work together to answer the biggest questions facing humanity. Argonne's Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis division provides the rationale for decision makers to lead the transition to efficient, clean, renewable energy. We develop and use analytic tools to help the U.S. achieve these goals. We also develop, deploy, and advance grid technologies that ensure a robust and secure U.S. grid transmission and distribution system. We collaborate with government agencies as well as companies to help move the nation toward an economy based on affordable and sustainable energy.

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Cotton Incorporated is the research and promotion company for upland cotton. Funded by U.S. cotton growers and importers of Upland cotton-containing products, the not-for-profit organization’s mission is to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton. As a resource for the cotton industry, Cotton Incorporated conducts or oversees more than 450 research and educational projects in an average year. Research areas range from the development of agricultural and textile innovations to analyses of commodity and market data. For more information or to learn more, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was founded in 1901 and is now part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NIST is one of the nation's oldest physical science laboratories. Congress established the agency to remove a major challenge to U.S. industrial competitiveness at the time — a second-rate measurement infrastructure that lagged behind the capabilities of the United Kingdom, Germany and other economic rivals. From the smart electric power grid and electronic health records to atomic clocks, advanced nanomaterials and computer chips, innumerable products and services rely in some way on technology, measurement and standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Today, NIST measurements support the smallest of technologies to the largest and most complex of human-made creations — from nanoscale devices so tiny that tens of thousands can fit on the end of a single human hair up to earthquake-resistant skyscrapers and global communication networks.

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NSF’s mission is to improve human and planet health. For more than 75 years, our global public health organization has provided certification, testing and auditing to public health standards and training and consulting in all key industries and sectors globally. Our food experts help you effectively manage food safety and deliver quality on your farms, in your factories, on the road, and in your stores and restaurants. Our professional staff of auditors, engineers, microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists and public health experts provide services in 180 countries.

NSF is also your trusted global partner to further your commitment to sustainability. From corporate strategy development to ESG reporting, our sustainability consulting experts can support you in becoming future-ready.

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