Professional Development Workshops: September 23

ACLCA Conference: September 24-26

ACLCA invites you to submit an abstract to speak at the 2024 Annual Conference.


Deadline to Submit: May 31, 2024




Technical talks are delivered in an oral presentation format.

Technical Talks are live presentations focused on the latest advancements in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), offering a dynamic platform for immediate interaction and feedback from both moderators and audience members.

In these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to present your work for approximately 15 minutes, alongside three other esteemed speakers.

Following the presentations, After the presentations, a dedicated Q&A session will enable further discussion, idea exchange, and insights from peers and experts.


Poster Sessions are formal, research-based presentations are elevated through detailed posters, incorporating text, charts, graphics, and other visual aids to convey findings effectively.

These posters will be prominently displayed at the conference and featured digitally on the conference platform.

Additionally, poster presenters have the opportunity to enhance their research visibility through a 3-minute pre-recorded video, summarizing their key findings, also available on the conference platform.



Innovative & interactive sessions crafted by you, intended to foster engagement and interaction within our global community, and are 90 minutes in length.

These interactive sessions offer diverse format options such as expert panels, rapid-fire talks with Q&A, hands-on demos, or expert discussions.

Special sessions should NOT replicate existing ACLCA session formats (technical / poster sessions)

Within these constraints, this session is yours to design. Submissions typically comprise a moderator and up to three or four speakers.


We're searching for individuals with specialized LCA experience to lead pre-conference workshops on Monday, September 23, 2024, the day before the conference officially kicks off.

Workshops can be either 1½ or 3 hours.

As an added incentive, teachers of workshops with more than 8 registrants will receive complimentary entry to the conference. (transportation and lodging not provided)


Deadline to Submit is JUNE 7, 2024

Experience unparalleled visibility for your abstract with ACLCA 2024!

Following the conference, your abstract will be featured in the dedicated proceedings publication slated for release in December 2024*. PDF copies will be accessible to all abstract submitters, ensuring widespread dissemination of your work. Additionally, your abstract will be prominently showcased on ACLCA's website, which attracted over 2 million visits last year alone.

*Authors retain the choice to include their abstract in the proceedings.


  • March 4: Call for Abstracts, Special Session, Posters, and Pre-Conference Workshops Opened
  • July 5: Last Day for Early Bird Pricing
  • May 31: Deadline to Submit Abstracts for Presentations, Special Sessions, Pre-Conference Workshops and Posters
  • June 7: Deadline to Submit Abstracts for Presentations, Special Sessions, Pre-Conference Workshops and Posters
  • June 10: Presentations, Special Sessions, and Posters Abstracts in Review 
  • June 28: Presentations, Special Sessions, Pre-Conference Workshops and Posters Submitters Notified
  • July 8: Presentations, Special Sessions and Poster Submitters Acceptance Deadline
  • July 15: All Sessions and Speakers Finalized and Published to Website
  • August 1: Presenter Registration Deadline
  • August 22: Hotel Housing Block Expires
  • August 23: Last Day for General Conference Pricing
  • September 23:  Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshops
  • September 24-26: ACLCA 2024 Conference