Pre Conference Workshops: November 7

ACLCA Conference: November 8-11

Join us November 8-11, 2022 for four exciting days of programming, networking, and meet-up opportunities that will shape the future of sustainability and celebrate the innovations, technologies, and practices transforming environmental sustainability.

Explore what LCA and life cycle thinking ‘Make Possible’ alongside global sustainability professionals and LCA leaders.  Get inspired, expand your network, build relationships and the knowledge you need to apply LCA and life cycle thinking to make a more sustainable world now.

The ACLCA 2022 Conference will provide programs, facilitated discussions and events to share, discover, and provide the tools and insights to transform environmental sustainability using LCA and life cycle thinking.

About The Sessions

Pre-Conference Workshops

Expand your technical expertise with 1.5 and 3-hour workshops led by industry experts. Workshops offer in-depth dives into emerging issues, new technologies, and the latest tools and topics you need to know. See The Schedule & Register.

Plenary Sessions

Get inspired, connect, and engage with leading edge speakers in sustainability and LCA from around the globe with interactive plenary sessions.

Challenge Sessions

Tackle the tough topics in LCA with thought leaders and industry experts in LCA to get insights and actionable next steps you can bring back to your day-to-day work.

Technical Sessions

Live talks on the latest in LCA with meet the speaker sessions to connect with the authors and on-demand availability of the sessions for one-year.

Special Sessions

These sessions are more interactive than abstract presentations and can take on a number of formats including, but not limited to experts' discussion plus Audience Q&A; a rapid-fire sequence of five-minute talks, or a hands-on demo.

Poster Presentations

Formal, research-based presentation with a visual representation of research through text, charts, graphics, and other visual aids. Attendees can reach the research at their own leisure and have the opportunity to interact with the research and ask questions about the methods and findings.

LCA Institute Track

Sessions on the topics and issues you need, given by industry experts who use LCA to accelerate their organization and clients sustainability efforts. Perfect content for the professional with minimal knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment or those experienced using LCA and want to gain a deeper understanding and learn best practices to leverage LCA results effectively.

Meet The Speakers

An opportunity to meet and engage with the speakers in a live, informal setting to further the conversations around the topics that are being presented.


Take part in ACLCA 2022 Conference experiences curated to expand your expertise and network

Networking Activities

Join discussions, meet the author's, participate in lounges, and create real-time pop-up video chats to connect with colleagues so you can share insights and ideas and grow your network.


Variety of Content and Activities

2021 Highlights & Recap

A chance to spend a week with a great, diverse, group of people, who both appreciate the details but see the big picture. COMMUNITY! On a more tactical level, the "meet the speakers: and "lunch networking" sessions were great ways to get at the hallway interactions we'd have at a live event. The keynote speakers, Chris Jordan and Paul Katz, were not only insightful, but their participation in multiple events was great. They were not only featured artists, but partners in the vision.

- Rich Helling, (Dow)

This is the most well-designed and operated virtual conference that I've ever attended. Fantastic job with enabling such a high degree of engagement and interaction.

- C. Pierce, (Eastman)

The level of conversation in the networking sessions is fantastic. I wish they would be longer. When this passionate group of people start solving problems, the conversations must go on.

- Luke Monhollon (SciSpace)

The challenge sessions are great. I like that both sessions had a similar theme. It really helped connect the dots and hit the message home.

- Megann Head (Nike)